Friday, May 19, 2006

Mad skillz.

It is always interesting to me, how we apply the skills we've aquired while knitting to other areas of our lives. (Or, conversely, how we apply those other skills to our knitting, but that's another post.) In this case, it was my knowledge of fibers. I knew every time I put Mr. Bunbun (that would be the bear in the pink bunny suit) through the washing machine, his life expectancy would drop dramatically. So I hand-washed him - if I can wash silk roving, I can take a layer of dirt off Mr. Bunbun. Thereby lengthening the life of my kid's favorite toy.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I think too much.

Mr. Bunbun is recovering from his ordeal under a fan, much cleaner, and undamaged.


TrishJ said...

Yay, long live Mr. Bunbun!!!

I think the wrap is gorgeous. And the scarf as well. You're such a talented dude!


Catie said...

What a wonderful mother you are, washing Mr. Bunbun so carefully. Ever see the Calvin & Hobbes strip where Hobbes is coming out of the drier, dizzy and very fluffy? This post made me think of it