Friday, May 26, 2006

Third time better be the @#(*#@ charm.

Yes, I have started the damn doily AGAIN. That makes it three. I'd show you another picture, but after re-starting I'm only two rows ahead of where I was yesterday - only on a whole other doily. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Knitting + Painkillers = Bad. It all went swimmingly last night while I was knitting, but when I got up this morning, and tried to knit another round, I spent an hour going "WTF IS THIS??" and picking out stitches before I realized it was taking more time than simply re-knitting would.

So here we are. Again. If something else goes wrong and it looks like another re-start, I swear I'm sending my friend a box of pralines and saying to hell with the whole idea. This is SO my mother's fault for raising me to be a nice person.

My idiotic choice of one-row lace has nothing to do with it.

Remember the new tomb in the Valley of the Kings? Well. Discover Channel is doing a show on what they found. (Unfortunately it's probably not too revolutionary, or we'd have heard already. But still.) It's supposed to run Sunday, June 4, listings and info available here. They're hinting it sheds new light on the King Tut mystery (the tomb is from the same era), so who knows? (I'm more curious about the Akhenaten/Nefertiti mystery, but no one ever thinks of that one.)

If I hum one more song from some show on Noggin (that 'I belong to a family' song needs to be outlawed, the writer flogged, and the guy who sings it hung by his own vocal cords), I'm going to take a drill to my skull like that guy in Pi.

Happy freakin' weekend.

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