Friday, February 10, 2006

Screw the Olympics! There's a new tomb!

That might have been a little emphatic, but hey. I was always the no-tact type.

Anyway. Yesterday they found a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Untouched! Unlooted! Undisturbed! First one since 1922 when Carter found ol' Tutankhamen. Five mummies, all from the eighteenth dynasty they think... I'm hoping this discovery will eventually shed more light on the whole Akhenaten/Nefertiti/Tut thing. Okay. Okay. Your eyes are glazing over because the ancient Egyptians DIDN'T EVEN KNIT. And their fiber of choice was linen, which is just nasty for knitting. And they thought sheep were unclean. Fine.

But a NEW TOMB!! Darn it, I wanna be an archeologist.

I'm gonna go get psyched to cast on during the opening ceremonies in Torino. Happy knitting, all.

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