Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some new favorite things. Oh. And knitting.

Last night, being Valentine's Day, with the husbeast thoughtfully bringing home chocolate and flowers ("Here, babe. Sexual organs. I love you."), I did what any loving wife would do: Locked myself in my home office and finished the back of my Olympics sweater. Yes indeedy, I finished the back! Only a front to go. (Knowing my fondness for second sleeves, I wisely chose to knit a tank top.) If I finish early I'm going to join Team FO and work on one of the umpteen unfinished projects around here. (Mostly it's sweaters that need another sleeve. I'm not joking.)

Has anyone else thought that maybe we should change this to the Obsessive-Compulsive Olympics? Nah. Me either. Nothing OCD going on around here. Nuh uh.

I have found that it's amazing how much knitting time can be found in a day. All it takes is ignoring housework, meals, dishes, laundry, and, well, anything else. I haven't quite got the baby to change her own diapers yet, but we're negotiating. She's willing to hang out and watch TV, so long as Little Bear isn't on. I don't know how a five month old can develop viewing prefrences, AND make them known, but it's happened. Just what we need, someone else with an opinion around here.

New favorite thing the first: Choxie. This is the new medium-end line of chocolate (it's not quite good enough to be high-end, but for the price paid, it's excellent stuff) from Target. I'd been pigging out for several weeks on the milk chocolate truffles, but today I got something that's an edible version of silk roving yarn: A candy bar of peanut butter with pretzels in it, coated in milk chocolate. At 420 calories a bar, I should probably switch back to the silk yarn.

New favorite thing the second: a new line of children's clothing called "Wee Waves". So new, in fact, that I can't find a web site for them. But it's all solar-protection clothing rated at SPF 50 or higher, and affordable. And cute. I got the goober a little pink beach hat for seven bucks today, and now I don't have to worry about her scorching her little bald scalp. Very cool.

Oh, and speaking of Target, and knitting... they're selling plastic containers with holes in the lids, made specifically to hold yarn while it's being knit from the skein. Knitting has gone mainstream. I still can't get over it.

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