Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Still more done! With photos!

Here it is, in all it's glorious, uh, glory. The Dale sweater for my father-in-law: Pretty, ain't it? It's pattern number 13811, also known as Hafjell. Instead of the usual suggested colors, I went with colors 0020/cream, 5744/slate, and 5813/mist. I also tweaked the pattern around to set in the sleeves, but it's looking like I didn't set them in enough so that was probably wasted effort. (I'm reminding myself it was educational. It's not helping much.)

The only problem I found with the pattern (other than a massive lack of detail, but that's typical of all Dale of Norway patterns), was the yarn requirement. I ran out of the 'second contrast color', in this case the mist/light blue. And I mean RAN OUT. Not a few yards short, I was off by an entire SLEEVE. I don't think setting in the sleeves could possibly have thrown off the requirements for the second contrast color much (if at all), so I'm thinking it was just really bad estimating by the folks at Dale. Beware: if you're knitting a size Large or bigger, you need more of that second color.

Here we see the knitted-in hem and JUST HOW FREAKING LATE this sweater really is:
Nothing like knitted proof of your complete screwed-up-ed-ness.
And last, but not least, we have here a close-up of the pain in the butt set-in sleeve (kindly pretend not to notice how the sleeve is too small for the arm hole) and the Fricking Two Color Lice:

I've also got a lovely photo essay entitled "What I bought at Elann.com", but I think I'll save that for tomorrow. All this blocking and photograpy has made me tired.

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