Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Elann order.

I got my yarn from Elann Tuesday. Don't you just love getting yarn in the mail? Someone just drops a bigass box of yarn on your front porch. The only way we could make it better is if we could figure out how to make it rain yarn.

Anyway, since I started off this blog with a rant about Patternworks, I figure I should report any other experiences with internet yarn shopping... especially if they're positive. Balance the scales and all.

Shopping at Elann is exactly what internet shopping should be: no big deal. The web site always works, they always have what you order (due to a really slick inventory program, I suspect), and everyone's helpful and polite. Order your yarn, pay for it, and in about a week (if you're in the US; they ship from Canada) a box of yarn shows up on your front porch. They even put all your yarn nice and neat in a plastic bag, so that if your postal carrier drops it in the mud (something I wouldn't put past my postal carrier), you don't have to get upset. Makes for nice instant stashing, too. Postage is a little high, just a little, but again they're shipping from Canada.

I got two yarns, a rayon/cotton blend, Endless Summer Collection, "Luna" in colors Zen Red, Lapis, and Regal Orchid: this may be my new favorite yarn. I'm not wild about how it looks in straight stockinette, but it looks fantastic in slip-stitch patterns. Time will tell.

And a wool/llama (duck) yarn, Peruvian Collection "Uros Aran" in Endless Blue:

Everything was in stock, came in the mail when they said, and was very low stress.

I love Elann. Yarn on the porch. Life doesn't get any better.

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