Thursday, February 23, 2006

Still babbling.

I can't seem to shut up today. I think it has to do with being trapped in a house with a five month old whose conversation runs to "nanananana" and tongue clicking. (I just checked on her and she's clicking in her sleep. I think she's developing sonar.)

The husbeast, being a sensitive dude (I think maybe the grid coloring last night worried him), brought home Godiva for me. Four bars of solid milk chocolate, one with almonds. Then he turned me loose to go hang out at the book store for a couple hours. During that time I've noticed a couple things:

First, South Carolina drivers suck. I mean really suck. Like try to merge into my lane right where I am, and then swerve around and look shocked when I toot the horn. Like, tailgate me when I'm in a big line of cars with another one right in front of me and I can't go any faster. SUCK.

Second, Godiva has a new line of chocolates out, Godiva Platinum. Because regular Godivas aren't expensive enough. And we all need more calories. Fan though I am of good chocolate, I wonder if it's possible to taste the difference between Really Good Chocolate and Really Really Good Chocolate. I'm willing to try as soon as I can afford some.

Third. I got the February-April issue of Cast On magazine, and... and... I am driven insane by what's getting put in 'summer knitting' issues. Let me ask you: If you are doing knitting for hot weather, WHY ARE YOU DOING IT IN BULKY YARN? "Oh, it's hot out, let's knit something cool - an INCH THICK SWEATER. I won't die of heat stroke, I'll leave the sleeves off!" Ditto for hoods. A sleeveless hoodie? Why? If it's cool enough to need a hood, why don't you have sleeves? And we won't discuss the fuzzy vest that made the poor model look like a multi-colored wooly mammoth. No. We won't. And this brings me to my biggest peeve of all: unfinished edges that have been startched to death so they don't curl. Some poor beginner out there is going to knit that and wonder what's gone so horribly wrong. And now Cast On will never let me write for them... that's me, building community spirit!

Pass the double chocolate cheesecake. I've only had one slice.

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Catie said...

it is fine that cast on won't let you publish - aim bigger - I think you should go for something like interweave knits... :)