Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Over Stargate and an episode of CSI last night, I finally finished the Dale sweater!! Ends darned in, buttons sewn on, the works. (No. I did not put in a zipper like the pattern called for. I do zippers for no man. Or woman. Or child.) I still have to block it, but that's on the menu for today. Hopefully it will be in the mail tomorrow and I can get busy with the summer tank. I need to get finished with THAT, because I've got a wrap on the needles that needs finished, and yarn coming for two more projects (a scarf and a kid's sweater, nothing epic), and I'm plotting two or three MORE projects. Including Turoe, which I've got to be insane for even contemplating.

I need help.

In other happy news (I guess), it turns out that my hand/arm problems are NOT being caused by knitting like a fiend, it's being caused by... uh... too much heavy lifting. As in, the eighteen pound baby we've got hanging around here. So, uh, I can knit all I want, I just have to quit lifting the baby and carrying her around. Yeah. That's gonna work. I wonder if there's any point in seeing a doctor, because they're going to say 'quit lifting', and yeah, like that's going to happen. But it's not the knitting, so that's good.

Photos of the Dale upcoming, when the husbeast downloads the camera.

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