Thursday, February 16, 2006

Turoe update.

Yet again proving that I am all hopped up on yarn fumes (what do they dye this stuff with, anyway?), I bring you the results of my internet search for discontinued Rowan yarns, and my figures for knitting it with something else. For those of you who haven't seen the Alice Starmore pattern for "Turoe", the entire sweater is knit with two yarns held together, so you can combine the colors a bit and get subtle shading. It also means you basically have to buy enough yarn for two sweaters.

I hit eBay, that great clearinghouse of all things yarny, and started cruising around for the yarns and colors I would need. Found some, didn't find others. Rough estimate, it would take me about a year of constant searching and between three and four hundred dollars to gather up the specified yarn to knit this sweater. Silk-stones are going for about $11.00 a hank. (That choking sound you hear is me, having a stroke.)

Okay, option two: Some other REALLY FINE yarn available in fourteen shades of blue, cream, and brown. I found one that suited the purpose: Jamieson and Smith jumper-weight two ply. And while I've nothing against Mr. Jamieson or Mr. Smith, and in fact adore their product, I'd have to buy enough for TWO sweaters, again with that doubled yarn deal. We're looking at $120 minimum, probably more.

I keep returning to the fact that no matter what I spend, or how well I knit it, I'm going to have a baby puking on it. This gets in the way of spending much money, even if I had it. (This is what is keeping me from hand-dying the yarn, also.)

Option three, which I become more and more fond of as dollar figures dance before my eyes, is to just knit the damn thing with heavier yarn one strand at a time and get over the idea of delicately shaded swirls. If I do that, I can knit it for about $80 with high-quality yarn (Dale of Norway), or even less, depending on what I'm willing to pay. Hello, I think we have a plan. If I don't like it I can give it away for Christmas next year. (Note to self: Make it in a generous size so it'll fit nearly anyone.)

With that, I leave you with a photo of the original Turoe stone:

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