Sunday, February 12, 2006

We have sleeve!

Actually we have two sleeves, but one of them is actually sewn into the Dale sweater body. We're, um, just gonna pretend we don't notice that the sleeve top is too small for the BIG HONKIN' HOLE I cut in the side of the sweater for it. And look the other way when you notice the Armpit Fudge. (At the time, it seemed obvious to set in the sleeves, since dropped shoulders look like crap on 99% of the population. Now I know why our forbears didn't do this - it's a pain in the ass during finishing.) I have told myself a thousand times that it will all fix itself in the blocking. Yes. It will. Of course it will.

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Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Armpit fudge, hmm?

Sounds nasty!