Sunday, February 19, 2006

Okay. The purple hair.

It all started innocently enough; I was looking for some kind of quickie rinse to put on my hair to cover up the roots. It's dyed a dark brown, so I was figuring something dark brownish would do the job when my eye fell upon Loreal's new "Color Pulse". Real color. Like, "Chilled Plum", the color I eventually settled on. (I have a long-standing love affair with actual colors for my hair, but since hitting 35 have attempted to tone things down just a bit.) "Concentrated color mousse. No ammonia. No peroxide." the box says. All rightie. Of course there's this ominous note on the side of the box "Do you have lots of gray? Not recommended." But hey, I figured my hair isn't gray. It's WHITE. And besides, it's dyed dark brown and since there's no ammonia in this color it should go right on top... turned NEON FREAKING PURPLE on the white streaks. Somehow. Even though they were covered up with brown hair dye. If I'd actually been shooting for neon freaking purple, I'd be thrilled, but I just wanted a subtle purple shine to distract from the roots, for crying out loud.

Mind you, I'm in South Carolina, not exactly the hippest state in the union (not even the second hippest). I wear my hair long and pulled back and I can't see it myself, so I tend to forget my hair is NEON FREAKING PURPLE and when people stare I glare back at them.

Just like an angst-filled teenager. We are attempting to get photos that do the hair justice.

Someone pass the yarn.

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Purple hair's 'punky'...that's cool...