Friday, February 17, 2006

I scare myself.

Does anyone else think like this?

I had the baby in her little swing watching Noggin this morning (I tell myself that Noggin isn't baby brain abuse because it's EDUCATIONAL, it's not like it's REGULAR TV rotting her brain), and on came this cartoon, 64 Zoo Lane. One of the main characters is Georgina the giraffe:

My first thought? "Hey, that yellow with the blue-on-blue spots would make a cool sweater."

Never mind that I look like crap in yellow.

Oh. And I have purple hair. But that's a post for another day. Or at least later after I fortify myself with chocolates and diet Pepsi.

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Anonymous said...

ran into this while looking at hair color. cute reading ur blog. i had one started for me by my hubby and i'm so boring i couldn't write anything in it except a poem and complaining that i have a blog. about your your thing and enjoy it. i'm fiftytwo and have buzzed purple hair..pierced face and tattoo's and still am very feminine. my daughter's, 'grown', say nothing surprises them mom does (hey MY mom says the same thing of me) but i'm a poet and i make jewelry. you are very creative. we who love to create shouldn't fit in. p.s. precious baby. God Bless
p.s.s i forgot my password. sigh
tendr on hotmail