Saturday, February 25, 2006

Everything is so oddly calm...

My Olympics sweater is done, washed, and drying on the kitchen table. (Photos later after I fight with the camera and possibly the husbeast). It's all very surreal because this is the first time I've finished a project in a realistic amount of time since... well, it's been at least two years. Having the Dale done too just adds to the weirdness. Two projects done in a week. Very odd.

The Dale sweater was mailed to it's new home, and got there yesterday. My father-in-law was thrilled with it, and it fits, so there we go, one headache gone.

At this point I only have one project on the needles, a fairly easy square wrap for a friend of mine. (She's a painter and we're swapping projects. Wrap for her, painting for me.) It's on size ten needles, too, which is making the whole thing go lightning fast. (The Dale was on size fours and the tank was on size fives. On the Dale, one body round, front and back, was 290 stitches. On the tank it was about 200.) Being able to see actual progress as it happens is kinda new. I think I like it.

There's this strange calm in the house, as if chaos is just holding it's breath for a second. Like the eye of a hurricane. Or the playing the National Anthem before a hockey game starts.

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