Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's all over but the sewing.

Which is a good thing, 'cause the Olympics aren't gonna last that much longer.

I finished off the front of the summer tank last night (after having spent Monday ripping back to the bottom of the armholes and starting again, due to a small problem with the sides of the V neck being different widths). I grafted together the shoulders of the front and back, even though I don't like how it looks, because I'm FOLLOWING THE PATTERN, damn it. For once I'm not screwing with it, I'm just doing what it says. (Okay. There was that one decrease I knocked over by a stitch, but that barely counts.) So today I sew the side seams, wash and block the thing, and it's done. I can't decide if I want to go out and buy matching embroidery floss for the seams (which is what I usually do) or just split the yarn and use that (which I hate, but it would mean not going out in the rain, and I'm already sick).

Since the tank is almost done, I took that as a Sign that it was time to start on some other projects. I began swatching for a kid's jacket/kimono sweater with the new yarn from Elann, and began Stage Two of Turoe.

Stage Two of Turoe started with the printing out of about sixteen sheets of knitter's graph paper and taping them together. (I was at one point pulling off three-foot-long lengths of tape, and giggling about how now that I'm a grown up, there's no one to yell at me, and the husbeast wandered by and said "I'm not going to ask. Don't tell me.") Once I had a life-sized, cut out version of the sweater made of graph paper, I sat down with the teeny-tiny freaking grid out of the book and started transferring it over. The husbeast again wandered past, took a look, and announced that if I color in the entire graph, he's going to have me locked up and declared insane.

If I suddenly stop posting, you'll know what happened.

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