Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Migraine trigger? Or just dammned annoying?

I stayed away from knitting today. After yesterday, I was afraid to touch anything. And I'm kind of at a loss on what to knit, at this point. Other than the I-cord edgings on the Tax Sweater, and I'm afraid to touch it for fear I'll screw it up.

So... no fiber content today.

Last Thursday (THURSDAY!) I called the Air Force Base pharmacy to refill a perscription and was told it would be ready to pick up Tuesday. (Yes. Four days to refill a perscription, but they can bomb any country in the world with eight hours' notice. Makes you wonder.) This was for a drug that makes it possible for me to eat while taking painkillers, because I've had so many nasty drugs over the years that my stomach is touchy. Fortunately I had some more here, or I wouldn't have been able to eat by Saturday.

Yesterday, as we know, was a BAD day.

So today I go over to the AFB to pick up my perscription (with a baby in tow, this is about as simple as the D-Day invasion), and just as I'm walking in the door, they LOCK IT IN MY FACE. Apparently the first Wednesday of every month, they close at one PM to do 'training'. (Training appears to be leaving work early in your shorts and tank top.) I have to go back tomorrow.

I swear I started a migraine on the way home. (All right, it wasn't a BAD migraine, and I really think it was from the air conditioning in my Jeep blowing straight in my face, but stil. Last two times I was on base, I got a migraine. Coincidence? Hah.)

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MagicChupacabra said...

what to knit? A squid hat.

Get to work.