Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good bye, May.

I hated this past month. Maybe because I was sick for most of it, I dunno. And it wasn't sick, sick, it was that halfway I-don't-feel-good sort of thing that's so damn annoying. But anyway, good riddance.

This is where I usually go over what I've done, and what I want to do next month. So I've flipped through the back posts of the old blog to see what happened. (Useful thing, a blog. I'd never have imagined. But then I'm the woman who couldn't remember her own wedding date when asked this week - I got the year AND the day wrong.)

In a way it was good to look back because I got more done than I thought - I didn't even remember knitting the brown scarf. (Scarves are like potato chips. You go through them so fast you loose track.) The Deco Bag got done, felted, and the pattern posted, though it hasn't been put in the mail yet. I also trashed Georgina (remember the yellow baby sweater with the blue spots?) and the French Market Bag (the bowling ball cozy?). And I ditched the idea of doing Persian Poppies. (At least right now. Eventually I WILL CONQUER THE FREAKING POPPIES!!)


I started the Tomten jacket, and it is waiting for more yarn (oh, the irony) which I will order tomorrow. I also surprised myself by knitting that swirl afghan square and thinking it was easy, so I need to knit a few (nine) more of those...

The damn doily is slow going, I've still got six rows to go and the crochet cast-off. It will be finished this week, and we'll call it a blue, Project Spectrum project for June and act like I planned it all. Pretend to be impressed.

You know, that's not really a bad tally for a month of knitting (especially if you figure in the stuff I knit and threw away). I'm glad I decided to do this post after all; I feel better.

As for June... forget the plans, nothing ever works out anyway. I got a pile of yarn in the mail for my father-in-law's Christmas present, and should be working on that, but we'll see. (It's in fairly heavy Icelandic wool, and I suspect I won't be able to knit on it too long at any one time without it bothering my hands.) During tomorrow's great Yarn Ordering Marathon (whee!) I'll be ordering sock yarn. Who knows. By the end of June I may decide to knit socks for everyone for Christmas. I hear sock knitting is kind of addictive. Maybe it'll take the place of chocolate. (Insert hysterical laughter here.)

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sienna said...

I don't remember what you were planning to make for your father-in-law but I find if I use circular needles, especially for many stitches of straight knitting, it doesn't pull my hand down as much and I won't cramp up. I did use straight needles for a toddler's hat (with kitten ears) and those 120 stitches would weigh down the needle something fierce at the beginning or end of the row and give me a wicked cramp. I guess if it's socks you're making this won't help you too much though. In that case just take it slow.