Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Theft. It's a beautiful thing.

The baby has this little shirt with stripes on it (see left), and I've always kind of liked it. (You can almost tell what's going on in the picture. My photography still sucks. I even took it in full-spectrum light, for all the good it did.)

Anyway, I riped off the color pattern. Flat-out stole it. This whole concept of coming up with creative color use is just too much for my poor brain this week. Theft it is. I jiggered with the stripes a bit (since I have more dark pink than light pink yarn), and otherwise used the same color sequence, and wound up with this:

This is the start of the Tomten jacket for the baby. It's definitely... pink. Not wild about it, but it's using up yarn and is big enough to fit her for at least next winter. The husbeast and I agree it reminds us of Fruit Stripe gum, a good memory from our own childhoods. (Which I am amazed to find is still available.) The beige/white yarn also reminds me of kite string, another childhood memory. It's all good.

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TrishJ said...

Dude, it's PRETTY!!!! Very girly and sweet, with just enough color to break up the pink and keep it from being too cute. Finish it up. FYI, I like the Fruit Stripe gum. It had a fruity zebra :::grin:::