Sunday, May 21, 2006

The state of things.

The house is mostly clean and the in-laws aren't arriving until Tuesday, so I took a break from picking up toys off the floor to finish up some stuff.

Well, first, in the Great Clean, I paused to wash a 100% Tussah Silk throw I knit a few years ago:

That's it, under the cat. Sometimes I really wonder why I bother.

I also, at long last, finished the felted bag, which I'm calling the Deco Bag because the jagged pattern along the top reminds me of Art Deco somewow. (I suck at all that art identification stuff, so don't tell me it's not. I already know that. Humor me.) To keep up with the photo-posting trend, here it is, in all it's glory:
I put up the pattern on the off chance that someone wants to knit it, available here. If you knit it, watch what color you use for those spots; the surrounding blue-gray makes them really blinding.

The Tomten Jacket continues apace (see left). I jiggered with the stripes AGAIN, and will probably run out of pink before the sleeves are done. I'm going to throw another color in, rather than buy more yarn; I'm knitting the damn thing to use up yarn, after all. Sorry about the photography. The hovering dark blob at the top of the photo is actually... my hair. I suck so bad. (I cut my hair Friday and I'm not used to it flopping everywhere but that's really pitiful photography.)

And, though we already knew it, the baby is cute:

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