Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yet another evening check in.

Row 72 now. And it keeps going slower. And I'm getting bored with it. And my butt still hurts from sitting all this time.

For a change of pace, I dyed some yarn today.

It's a dip dye, from light pink through several reds to a sort of burgundy. (If you can see a little bit of pink peeping over the red at the top of the skein, it's part of the same skein, hung double - it's a long one.) I think I'm gonna call it Cherry Ripple. Red Ripple? Something like that. Cinnamon Ripple. Hm. That works.

Anyway, tomorrow I want to do another dip dye, this one blue. And I've got a thirty-foot skein wound out that I haven't dyed for two weeks because I couldn't think of a color scheme, but now I think I've got one.

Back to the lace mines.


Brethil said...


This is a bit unrelated - but I was just reading the piece you wrote on Knitty about the history of knitting, where you mentioned that you hadn't been able to get a Bohuslän sweater pattern. I checked the Bohuslän museum webpages, and if I'm reading the Swedish pages correctly, the e-mail address of the person in charge of patterns there has changed and they haven't bothered to update the international version... The Swedish pages are here.

If you click on the link 'Ladda ner prislistan' on the very bottom, it leads to a pdf list of the prices in Swedish kronor. The contact person is listed as anita.k.nilsson (at)

There are also nice pictures of the models available under the link "till Stickpaket", you get images of the models available.
Direct link.

To get back to the day's post, the dip-dye skein is a really good red (or reds). It looks like some giant candy :)

Roxie said...

The dip-dye does look tasty! the circular lace looks maddening. And why does your butt hurt?

Blue and white are wonderful together. A dip dye that doesn't dye the very end would make quite a nautical looking skein.

Amy Lane said... about 'tastes like vermillion'? It does look tasty, and i love that color sounds like the name of a Victorian heroine...