Monday, May 07, 2007

Not a lot going on.

I spent the weekend like this:

Note the nesting behavior going on. I've moved my Ott lite and computer over to easy reach from the chair, and the cat has gotten in on the act by lounging on me at every opportunity. In fact, she prefers laying on my lap with her face in my boob. We finally got a picture of it.

You can see I knit on the Steeked Jacket. I'm a woman obsessed. I want it done, now that the sleeves are attatched. I usually get this way at this stage of a seamless knit and there's just the yoke left.

The Baby spent her weekend like this:

Which is to say, face down in her toy boxes. (Yes, plural toy boxes. Every time I turn around, the toys have multiplied.)

So there's not a lot to report around here, though we watched a few movies I have to comment on.

First up, Smokin' Aces. I know why it didn't do too well at the theater - it's not the movie they billed it to be. According to the ads it's supposed to be a hilarious shoot-em-up (which is why I wanted to see it), and it turned out to be a fairly legitimate movie. The basic plot is pretty standard - a Las Vegas showman is going to testify against a mobster, and said mobster puts out a million dollar hit on the showman. The movie is about all the people trying to kill the guy, including a lesbian hit team, three phsychotic brothers, several scary lone hitmen, a bounty hunter, and the FBI. (Well, the bounty hunter and the Feds want him alive, but no one else does.) The movie takes place in a 24 hour period and is amazingly layered with multiple story lines intersecting and branching off and actual character development. So it's a pretty good movie with some great twists and a strange yet satisfying ending (the mobster does get dead - who kills him is the twister). Just not the brainless shoot-em-up I was looking for. Oh, and it's really gory violent, FYI. There are chainsaws involved. And fifty-cal rifles.

And then last night we watched Casino Royale, the latest Bond flick. We take Bond movies seriously in this house, and the husbeast sumed it up best about fifteen minutes into the movie: "What the fuck is this?" Because it's a halfway decent movie (if predictable), but it sure as hell isn't a James Bond movie. Supposedly it's a prequel to the whole series; we see Bond's first kill, the origin of his martini, the first delivery of "Bond, James Bond", etc etc. But the whole thing takes itself WAY too seriously. No kooky bad guys, no freaky gadgets, no Q. NO Q. So if you want a run-of-the-mill suspense movie, it's not bad. But it isn't Bond, James Bond. (And Daniel Craig, while smoking hot, does not have the style of Pierce Brosnan. I don't care how much Brosnan wanted to make another movie, they should have paid him and given him the real script he kept asking for.)

Now I'm gonna go knit again, and try to find a real movie to watch.


Bells said...

love that baby butt photo! he he

Can't wait to see the jacket all done and dusted, so to speak. We're gonna have an international party when we're all done!

I couldn't bring myself to see Casino Royale. I'd have had the same response as the husbeast.

Sheepish Annie said...

Sittin' and knittin' with a kitten. (and a baby in a toy box) Not such a bad way to spend a weekend! If only the movies had been better, it would have been pretty darned near perfect...

Sarah said...

We had the same reaction about Bond, it was demi-bond movie not a real bond. I grew up on bond so my family takes it serious as well. And what was up with the Money Penny thing we were confused the whole movie, was she, wasn't she, what the F***!!! anywho, we also enjoyed it but it wasn't bond.

PS your monkey sure is cute even if she's pretending to be a ostrich

Amy Lane said...

I'm w/bells--the baby butt photo is a keeper! I LOVED Casino Royale, but I can see how, to a true afficionado, it would be a total turn off. Me? I just managed to watch Fight Club. So what if I'm 8 years late, that movie ROCKED!!!

Rae said...

I swear the toys fuck like bunnies in the middle of the night. ;)

LOVE your nook. I'm so partial to a nook, a space of one's own, even if it is amongst the toys ... and cats. ;)

Kristen said...

That's what it was - NO Q! I liked the movie, but not so much as a Bond movie.

Alwen said...

Pierce Brosnan [fanning self furiously]

Cindy said...

I've got to say that I really enjoyed Casino Royale. Beyond wanting to watch Daniel Craig rise from the sea about 10 more times, I thought the movie gave more of a nod to the early Sean Connery movies and to "Her Majesty's Secret Service" then to the more recent Pierce and Roger Moore films (Dalton isn't even worth mentioning). This Bond has more grit to him, he makes mistakes, and don't forget this was supposed to be a movie about Bond becoming Bond. I did really miss Q though.