Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not done.

I thought I'd settle that question, right off.

Today, I blew off most of the day by first sleeping late, then taking the afternoon for myself. I went for a drive to downtown Charleston's historic district and walked around for a while. For once I remembered the camera, and took a bunch of photos (filled the data card). I'll do a real post about it tomorrow, but here's a teaser:

Calhoun House. One of the largest (for most of it's history, THE largest) private home in Charleston. It's now a museum (which in cases like this, I consider a waste of space if someone's willing to live in it).

So I didn't finish the doily. I'm on round 75 (of 82), so I should finish it tomorrow. I'll skip a photo because you wouldn't tell the difference from last night.

My hips are killing me from walking all day, convincing me I need to lose some weight.

There's a new series on History Channel, called "Cities of the Underworld" which basically explores all the stuff under modern cities. The episodes I've seen already were Edinburgh, Istanbul, and now Rome. I always knew cities were built on the ruins of old ones, but I never knew how many ENTIRE BUILDINGS were down there. Undamaged buildings you can walk around in. People are always going "oh yeah, you can get to this secret pagan temple by going through the basement of the Roman Opera costume storehouse". Unreal. It reminds me a lot of Time Team (which is unfortunately off the air here in the US) and their hilarious mission statements at the beginning of the shows - "This weekend we're gonna dig up the lost shipyards of Henry V. Don't worry why we're digging 20 miles inland, we'll explain it."

Plus it's giving me knitting ideas. heeheehee

'Cause I have so much time to knit up all the ideas I have now.


Laura said...

Oooh, that show sounds really, really good! I'm watching days' worth of Time Team here while I job hunt - even reruns of ones I've seen, because they're so good.

Amy Lane said...

That sounds really come, whenever I accidentally cruise by PBS I get things like the documentary on the 22 children of the inbred cousins who walk like dogs? (for the record? ewie ewie ewie ewie...)

Bells said...

the doily's looking great!

That's a nice teaser, too.

Time Team is great!!! We love it.

Roxie said...

OK, I'll look for Time Teams and the Underground one. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Sorry the hips hurt. I'm on Weight Watchers and it does work for me.

Sheepish Annie said...

By Sheep Standards, that doily went pretty darned fast! Impressive. I'd say you earned a break to go out on the town for a bit.

Jilly Bean said...

I haven't had a chance to see the one about Istanbul yet, but I loved seeing the things about Edinburgh and Rome. Who knew that Edinburgh had a whole train station sitting under a shopping mall?