Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Last week in photos.

We forgot our camera, so there are no photos from the trip up or back to Ohio. Not that there was much to see on the way back - we were fogged in and could barely see the car in front of us, most of the way through the mountains.

First, photos for Bells, who asked us to take photos of where we live. This isn't where I live, but it's where the husbeast grew up. I grew up in a similar neighborhood, though mine was further out in the countryside. (Instead of more houses, the house I grew up in had a corn field behind it.)

It's barely spring in Ohio and everything really is that green. (In comparison, 600 miles further south in South Carolina, we're moving steadily into summer.)

The Baby can't play in soil down here due to moles and fire ants, so she was fascinated by the in-law's flower beds:

After about an hour of shredding my father-in-law's flower beds, I noticed The Baby had something in her mouth. When I investigated, I found out it was a rock.

Nice and clean. I'm not going to think about what was on it when it went IN to her mouth.

The husbeast mowed the lawn, and for history's sake (there's a photo of him at about one and a half, sitting on HIS dad's lap on the same exact mower), a photo shoot took place:

The end.


FairyGodKnitter said...

Nice pictures. For as bad as the winters can be, nothing beats the Northeast for a slow steady slide into spring before the three days that we call summer.

Bells said...

Aw that's great Julie. Thanks for playing! It's so green!! And I was looking at all that grass thinking how the hell do you keep with mowing it all (we have none to speak of because of the drought) and then I saw the ride on mower. Makes sense!

Anonymous said...

How did you and the husbeast meet? Did you know eachother as teenagers? Just curious.

Bells said...

Does the husbeast want to put in an ordre? he he. I forgot to ask that.

Amy Lane said...

So pretty...If I didn't vividly remember being wringing wet the whole summer I went down there, I'd want to move:-)

Denise said...

It's SO FRIKKING GREEN *faints* (very sick of the drought here).

Lovely pics :)

Unknown said...

Love the baby with the tulips. That's a postcard! Good use of light.

NeedleTart said...

My mother often said, "You'll eat a peck of dirt before you die." Looks like the Baby got a good start.