Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A total lack of planning or forethought.

In other words, duh.

I started to post yarn on my Etsy shop today, which means taking photos. (That's usually the holdup when I do this - I suck at photography and hate doing it.) I got five whole photos done (out of an estimated twelve) when the camera went dead. We have two sets of rechargable batteries we shift in and out of it, so I went and got the other set.

They weren't charged either. Since they were sitting on my desk, this was kind of my fault.

So, new yarn sometime later tonight. Sigh. I've been experimenting with really short color repeats (blobs of color about three inches long, repeating), and there are some randoms, and one skein of Ugly. Some of the names, to make you curious, are "Dancing Egg", "Lemon-Lime", and the one I want to keep most, "Beach".

In other news, I have global warming (or at least evidence of it) sitting off shore and raining on me. They're calling it Sub-Tropical Storm Somebody. Early May. Tropical storm.

I have a bad feeling about hurricane season this year. (Charleston is overdue for a direct hit. Isn't that lovely?)

I also organized my circular knitting needles today. (I'm grasping at topics, here.) It's a clever system that I might have seen over at the Yarn Harlot that she said was invented by somebody else. Or not. At any rate, it was invented by someone other than me and I know I saw it on the internet somewhere. All you do is get a multi-pocket organizer at the office-supply store and label each pocket by size and stuff the appropriate needles in the appropriate pockets. I'd show you guys a photo, but, oh yeah, my camera's dead.

Here. I'll show you a baby photo instead.


Amy Lane said...

I've got one of those 'circular solutions' things--it's just a bunch of open ended fabric pockets. I like it a lot, but I've got it hung up on this bookshelf and convincing the house trolls not to pull on it is difficult... (summer is going to be bucking fugly this year--it's been 95 degrees all week.)

Bells said...

jejune has that system too Julie. Did you see it on her blog? Or maybe she got it from the same source as you?

Cute baby photo! How's she getting on with her kangaroo?

Jejune said...

Yeah, I use the filing box system for circulars, and originally saw the idea on Smariek Knits. It works really well :)

Alwen said...

My system is . . . a heap of mixed needles in a drawer. Circ.s in their pouches, if they have one, single & double points stabbed through either their original package, or through a 3x5 card if I don't have it. Smaller dpns in plastic tubes.

Does my Excel spreadsheet (type, size in US and mm, brand if I know it, color, material) that I print out and throw on top count as "organizing"?

Julie said...

I still haven't made an actual list of what I have, so you're further along than I am. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I bought my needle holder from the sports supply place. I think it is supposed to be used for fishing flies or plastic worms. Its a plastic rectangle case with a zipper around the outside with zip locked bags on the inside.

Kind of like this:


Mary Lynn said...

I bought the Options set and wrote on the pockets included in the set which sorts the needle tips and cables. I then bought more insert thingees and have added my other needles and notions to the same binder. Then I bought a cheap cloth binder thingee at Joann's that has built in zippered pockets and have added notions and a couple of handy dandy reference books. They are kept at the side of my chair. When we travel, I generally consolidate into one binder and take it with me . . . depending on the length of the trip.

Roxie said...

Those baby curls are heart-breakingly sweet.

I swear by gallon-size zip-lock bags with size written on them, all stashed in a zippered plastic case the new sheets came in. Yarn, however, is all over the house.