Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pre-bedtime check-in.

I'm on row 39. Don't be impressed; it starts off with twelve stitches in the center and each row contains more and more stitches as you increase to make the thing lay flat. I've got about 144 stitches on the needles right now, and it'll only get worse as the thing grows. You can usually knit the first fifteen or twenty rounds of a center-out doily like this in an hour; then it goes slower, and slower, and slower until it can take hours to do a single round. Ah, the fun, the excitement, the entertainment.

I've got a total of 82 rows.

It'll go on the circular needle tomorrow.

My butt hurts from all this sitting.


Bells said...

ah this is bringing back memories. You were doing one when I first started reading last year. I love watching the transformation!

Alwen said...

"My butt hurts from all this sitting."

Remember, pain bad!

[ducks to avoid the smack]