Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Bendi Update.

That's a Bendigo color card in the husbeast's hands. (Let's not tell him I put such an unflattering photo of him on the internet, hmmm?)

Anyway. I'm thinking I'll put in one huge, colossal order the next time the dollar is strong. (Which will be, what, 2025?) Among other things I have up my sleeve?
- A sweater for me (and the state fair) in something beige
- Something for the husbeast for Christmas. He favors the Rustic in Graphite
- My father-in-law's Christmas sweater. I'm thinking cables in Rustic Green Tweed
- Maybe some yarn to dye and resell, dpending on shipping costs.
- Some yarn for a scarf in one of the rose colors.

All that (except the yarn for resale) would probably be in 8 ply. Maybe 12 for the Me Sweater.

Let's just blow that whole 'knit from the stash' thing right out of the water in one big blast, hmmm?


Bells said...

tee hee. he looks like he's enjoying the experience. :-)

that's one huge order. Bendi will love you. Will be curious to see what the international shipping costs are.

Bells said...

oh and I'm told the Magnolia is the best Bendigo wool for dyeing.

Donna said...

Well, you need to beef up an international package to get your postage dollars' worth ;) (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!)

Jejune said...

Their Alpaca is just divine, too, I'm using it for my Mariah cardigan. And Dotter is using Midnight Tweed in Rustic 8ply - also a lovely wool.