Monday, May 28, 2007

Sometimes I purely hate yarn.

Times like this.

I spent the last day of my vacation (such as it was), winding up all the dyed yarn that's been sitting around, awaiting attention. Including the thirty-foot (ten meter) skein that I've been avoiding for the last three weeks. That's it above, draped over the back of my couch. I'm going to call it 'Circus'. It should stripe nicely, in an assortment of crazy colors. You can see better on the skein.

I also wound up the blue ripple:

Hopefully I'll have 'em posted on Etsy within the next 24 hours. (Maybe sooner!)

Yesterday I took photos on the way to the beach yesterday... when I'm a little more on the ball, I'll deliver another history/geography lesson, this one about the barrier islands. Until I get to that, here are some beach photos:

Oh. And I'm still sewing together the Mystery Knit. Have I mentioned I hate finishing?


Bells said...

great colours, as always.

the baby looks terribly excited about goign to the beach!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Those colours are simply gorgeous. As evil as yarn is to organise and wind at times, it is beautiful stuff you have there.

And the day at the beach looks like it was glorious!

Bells said...

is it the photos or is the sand at your beaches really dark?

Barb outside Boston said...

THANK YOU for including finishing info--whenever a designer includes that or casting on info, I really appreciate it!
I keep looking for an advanced finishing class around here, since I know I could practice these things (i.e. tubular cast-on) on my own, but want the discipline of a class so I'll REALLY DO IT!
Very curious about the Mystery Knit.
And of course, love the yarn colors and The Baby is adorable!

Anonymous said...

yay on the yarn, yay on the beach!


Amy Lane said...

THe circus looks mighty tempting...and The Baby looks pink and perfect... (our baby was outside this weekend too...she too, is pink except for the pudgy crevices at elbow and crook of knee...)