Monday, May 21, 2007

One suckin' Monday.

Another Monday, spent chasing the kid, gagging from medication, and knitting on the Mystery Knit. Since I don't have jack to discuss (unless you want my commentary on the current plot twist of Star Trek: Enterprise reruns?), I'm mining the comments for something to write about.

There was a question about me using straight needles for this project. Yes, I'm using them. Don't like to, but they're what's best for the current deal. I'm knitting the front and back of the Mystery Knit at the same time, and when using a circular it's easy to stop in the middle of a row and get lost, not knowing if you're supposed to knit on the next piece along, or turn around and knit back the other way. (Think about it.) So I'm ticking along. When my hands bother me, I prop up the needles on pillows. Whatever works. But generally, yeah, I prefer circulars (unless I'm knitting two things at once).

Art Deco... I like Art Deco. I see it all as one big conglomeration, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, all of it's a variation on a theme. The Chrysler Building is my favorite office building, ever. Hahaha. I bet you liked the Elvish stuff in Lord of the Rings, huh? They openly admitted ripping off this era for ideas. But I don't like William Morris. Sorry. I'm more about Lalique and Tiffany and Schiaparelli and Frank Lloyd Wright and Vionnet.

Sekhmet and the Baby seem to coexist peacefully. For the most part. Occasionally the Baby wants to play the drums on Sekhmet's head, and Sekhmet smacks her hands. It goes back and forth. But considering the cat has all her claws, I think they do okay. (My big fear when I was pregnant, was that the cat would see the baby as an outsider and attack, and I'd have to put the cat down. I'm very glad the cat chooses to ignore her instead.)

I'm thinking of doing 8" (18cm? ish?) increments on the Mystery Knit pattern instead of ten inches, just because it fits in better with the sizing system preferred by Knitty. But thanks for the feedback on the larger sizes; yes, the pattern will go up to AT LEAST sixty inches. My sympathy toward larger sizes is due to my post-pregnancy weight gain. According to the government, I'm a normal weight, but according to my knees and feet, I weigh WAY too much. And I've got boobs the size of torpedos. So yeah, I know the pain of seeing a pattern I love and being unable to knit it. (Vogue Knitting claims a size large is a 38" bust. KISS MY ASS, VK!!) As much as I'm able, I'll avoid causing that pain in others. (And if anyone ever needs pattern support for REALLY small or large sizes, feel free to e-mail me.)

Anyway... I'm going to go drink a gallon of milk now, to try and counteract the acid stomach I get, from taking all these stupid medications.
Oh. And the baby got a new "I do all my own stunts" tee shirt. Bigger.


Knit*Six said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Dana said...

Hope things are on the upswing soon, and we'll catch you at CML. Are you going to model the MK for knitty?

Camille said...

How about hybrid sizes, such as a really small wasit and a really big bust?

In some patterns it's rather difficult to adjust as the rest of me is sized in proportion, it's just the bust that's large. That's why I find the VK sizing of 38" being large, I'm 100 pounds and going by bust size i'd take a large.

Louiz said...

Yep, I'd agree with what Camille said, if you do the larger size it's gaping at the waist. The smaller size is either slutty tight or constriction tight!

Roxie said...

You could get awway with just posting a picture of the baby every day, and I would keep tuning in. She's such a charmer!

Have you talked to the doc about the stomache trouble? Sometimes yogurt is better than milk.

I have the reverse problem with sizing: small waist and the hips and thighs of a fertility goddess. If a sweater fits my shoulders, it's too small from the waist down. If it's big enough to cover my butt, I could carry puppies in the top part (but only if they've been housebroken and weaned.)

Alwen said...

If it's any comfort, sizing is no better if you're small. The only time I had any chest to speak of was the breastfeeding years, and I think after weaning I got smaller than before!

A lot of "small" size tops fit me like a brown paper grocery bag rendered in cloth. So custom sizing ROCKS!

debsnm said...

For some unknown reason, animals seem to get that they're kids. They play nicer (mostly) and don't try to hurt (usually, we all have our limits).

Josie said...

I think I learned to knit just so I could wear sweaters that actually fit. I'm long in the torso but narrow in the chest, meaning most store-bought clothes are either belly-flashing short sw or baggy and shapeless.

Oh, and when I had pregnancy heartburn, my midwife recommended that I eat almonds. They really helped! And six almonds are much more portable than a gallon of milk.