Sunday, May 20, 2007

Feeling much better.

Now that I've slept for a couple days. Toward the end of the week, I had gone about three days without REM sleep (the deep sleep your brain really needs to function) and was quite a mess. I spent most of yesterday and today asleep or napping (just woke up from a nap) and now feel pretty good except for one thing --

The Mystery Knit is due June 15. That's less than a month away. That sounds like a lot of time, but I've got to write a pattern (which I suck at) and take pretty photos of it (which I also suck at). So I'm a little freaked out.

The knitting itself is going well enough -- I've got about one inch left before I hit the armpits and decrease a bunch of stitches. After that it'll go pretty fast. Once that's over, there's just one piece left to knit.

So here I sit, typing about it instead of knitting, in a semi-conscious state, with the husbeast watching car races and the baby napping in her room.

Yesterday I mailed out the doily to it's new owner, along with some other stuff. (Louiz, I FINALLY got your yarn in the mail -- the good news is, I kept feeling bad about not mailing it sooner, and would add other stuff to the package.)

The other day, The Baby and Sekhmet had a moment - The Baby had scared the shit out of Sekhmet, and Sekhmet replied by smacking The Baby's hand. It's been a while since I trimmed the cat's claws, and judging from The Baby's reaction, Sekhmet scratched her (though later when I looked I couldn't find a mark.) At any rate, The Baby's method of dealing with this, instead of being wary of the cat, is to desperately try to make friends. That means following the cat around and petting her. (Petting means scrubbing your hand around in her fur, because you're two and don't understand the idea of fur being rubbed the wrong way.) All this love has gotten to the cat, and lately she's been spending a lot of time like this:

Poor cat. She's gonna be loved to death.

Now that I'm feeling better, the first thing I did (yesterday) was go out and buy books I didn't need. I got a good book on the history of Charleston by Robert Rosen (I'm half-heartedly plotting a novel set in Charleston - we'll see if I have the time to write it), and a book on the Arts & Crafts movement starting in the 1880'2'-1890's. It's kind of strange, reading the opinions of people who lived over a century ago, expressing the same exact opinion you hold yourself. (Art is not confined to paintings and statuary, but can be ANYTHING, given enough care, originality, and skill.) Lots of William Morris prints, some Stickley furniture, and Frank Lloyd Wright stuff. It existed at the same time as the Art Nouveau movement (my favorite) and there's a lot of overlap. Good stuff.

Otherwise, I'm still pretty much a zombie, finally able to sleep now that I've gotten these painkillers. I think I'm gonna start dinner and go back to bed.

Sure hope I finish this Mystery Knit.


Sheepish Annie said...

Glad you're finally getting some sleep and good luck with the mystery knit. I'm betting you'll make it!

But pleeeeease don't be a zombie!!! I have a fear of zombies. I worry about them. A lot. I watch too much of the Sci Fi channel.

Kris Fletcher said...

Sounds as though things are finally looking up, Julie. I'm so glad. It was getting scary there!

You'll survive the Mystery Knit and I predict it will be well worth the effort.

And speaking of Stickley - ahve I told you I live in the village where it's produced?

Anonymous said...

REM sleep isn't the deep sleep your body needs. It's the lighter stage wherein your eyes move rapidly (hence the REM) and you dream.
You do need it but it's not deep.

NeedleTart said...

My Baby wanted me to tell you about when his brother was 2. The Brother used to chase the "puppy" (anything with four legs and a tail) and try to "iron" him. This required grabbing the poor thing around the neck and using his chest to pin the animal to the floor. Sehkmet should count his blessings.

Alwen said...

Art Nouveau books? The volume of the encyclopedia that I dogeared from the time I first discovered it?

Now. Be honest. What do you think of Art Deco?

Amy Lane said...

I'm with you...the book has pretty much ground to a halt because I'm sick and it's making me crazy not to finish it...I'm glad you're feeling better...may it last, and may Sekhmet find more baby-free zones:-0

Louiz said...

Well, I would here offer to pop down to Merton Abbey Mill (where Morris had a screen printing mill) however they knocked it down about 5 years ago despite all the protests. I believe it now makes a very decorative supermarket.

Can you tell I'm bitter?

Netter said...

Are you familiar with the Glagow school? Look up Charles Rennie McIntosh. I love his stuff!

toledonative said... old cat (she passed away at age 16 last year) looked EXACTLY like your Sehkmet! AND...this same cat would "smack" my baby's hand whenever she got too rough! (the baby is now 10 and a half!) But she (the cat) would never, ever, EVER use her claws! She'd only ever "SMACK!" and sometimes meow at her. If it continued for too long, the cat would meow in indignation and stomp off with a backwards glare.