Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey, Charleston residents.

Anyone interested in modeling the Mystery Knit, and thereby (assuming it gets accepted) being immortalized in Knitty forever? You'd need to be size anything-up-to-about-large, and willing to take an afternoon next weekend driving around Charleston doing the photo shoot. (If you have any suggestions on location, I'd love to hear it, but I'm thinking beach, and maybe downtown on the Battery for the dramatic possibly-cover photo.) I'll be happy to meet you somewhere and do the driving. Anyone? Terby? Anyone? E-mail me, or drop me a comment with a way to get in touch with you, or something. Terby?

It also appears that I may be an overachiever for the next issue of Knitty. The lace article that was supposed to be in the summer issue (the one coming out next week) got turned down due to sucky photography. (No, Amy did not use those precise words.) I suppose it was only a matter of time. I'm invited to re-submit with new photos, but I honestly don't know if I'll be able to get a new camera AND get the photos retaken by June 15. In fact, I'm pretty sure not. (The problem in this case truly is the camera. Honestly. It's at least ten years old and has never done closeups well. Not a good thing when discussing lace.) So, I don't know what I'm doing. Tearing my hair out, that's what.

In other business (I guess), I updated the Etsy shop with the new dip-dyes.

The Baby appears to be turning into a smartass before my very eyes. (No idea where this came from. None. Ha. Really. Haha.) Last week I told her to get out of my office, and she pretended to walk in place. Like I wouldn't notice that she wasn't moving. Then the other night I told her to quit playing with the floor lamp, and she gave me this LOOK, and moved her mouth at me without making any sound. The husbeast about choked, trying not to laugh. (Because you know if you laugh at them, they never quit doing it.)

In my usual avoidance behavior, faced with sewing up the Mystery Knit, I have suddenly decided that I desperately want to finish knitting the Steeked Jacket. Which is proof positive that my brain needs a serious smacking around.

I'll have both these projects done soon, and then I'm moving on to a new project, an original design, that involes BUYING YARN. Ooooh, the excitement.

The husbeast just walked in the house with a dozen Dunkin' Donuts. That rat bastard.


Amy Lane said...

I'm totally looking forward to seeing the Mystery Knit in Charleston... (Kewyn was told 'no' the other day, and then he fell to the floor and knocked his head on the ground. Then he got up and said 'ouch'--ask us if we had ANY sympathy...)

Bells said...

I think if someone from Charleston wants to be in the knitty shoot, they might, if they have one, supply a good camera and you can do the lace shoot as well. Then everyone's happy.

Cheeky little monkey - she's got your humour, too.

amy said...

Oh, Bells, great minds think alike. :-) Because that was going to be my suggestion, too, that Julie put a call out to borrow a camera--or a photographer!

Sheepish Annie said...

Donuts....mmmmmmm!! I haven't had a donut in I-don't-know-how-long!!!

Smart baby! She knows how to play it! Although I suspect that she really just wants to model the mystery knit and is frustrated by the lack of verbal skills with which to make the point.

Netter said...

I have a dunkin donuts in my back yard, no really. When the weather is just right, the smell wafts into the house. Fortunately, I prefer krispie kreme and they are not in my back yard. I do have a serious problem with the DQ that's next to the DD. I can't wait to see the mystery knit. Glad you had enough yarn! B used to do the mouth moving with no talking. It made for great entertainment at Christmas dinner.

Dana said...

I have a digi point and shoot that apparently has promise, provided the user know how to take advantage of its features. I'll model if you're desperate (done it before, so no big whoop). My neighborhood has some charleston-y spots. Views of the Ravenel, water, architecture etc. Email me at purlysue@gmail if you are so inclined. Off to etsy!

Dana said...

Oh, and it seems like we could set up your baby and my baby on a blind date and watch the combustion happen before our eyes. Two peas. Actually, keep her away from him. He'd probably teach her some REALLY bad tricks being 3 yo and all.

Terby said...

I'm good *ahem* BEHIND the camera, Julie. And we have a rather nice one and I can take lots of photos of you. And I would be happy to hang out all afternoon. But I am really really really unphotogenic, and it wouldn't be fair to your knitwear. Seriously. Me + photos = not good.

Terby said...

Oh, Sunrise Park would be a good location. And did I tell you I'm building a light box this week?

Alwen said...

New digitals have gotten good for not outrageous money. The new Fuji was under $250 (FinePix S700). I yub my new camera, even when I have to read the F manual.

Those kids -- don't they snerk you sometimes!

PS: Heh. Check out the name of the jacket at Knit N Style (in the middle, one row up from the bottom). Warning, swallow your beverages before reading.
Who came up with THAT name??

Camille said...

For those who have a different format to the one alwen apparently has, it's the one fourth from the bottom on the list of patterns.

Luckily, there are no beverages in my vicinity.

Also, might not be a good idea to look at it in the uni library.

Barb outside Boston said...

I didn't get it until I googled it--eeehw!

Bells said...

re the Knit n Style thing -
what sort of name is that? For a child's jacket. Yuck!