Saturday, July 01, 2006

July? How did it get to be July??

This is usually where I post goals for the month... I don't know how I got into the habit, but I'm blaming Project Spectrum, haha. July is purple month.

At the moment, I've got three projects going. The brown and red Christmas sweater, my blue sweater, and the blue Doucer et Soie scarf (also a Christmas present). The obvious goal here is to finish them.

IF I get that far, I want to start work on the baby hat I plan to enter in the state fair. And I've got more balls of Doucer et Soie here, for more scarves (four in all). One of those is purple, so if I can start another, might as well be the purple one. There's a tan one too, to cover next month (neutrals), if I get that far.

The baby hat is going to be purple (purely coincidental, it's what I've got in the stash to knit it with - what's left of the Lamb's Pride Worsted from the bowling ball cozy) with a lace 'ribbon' and knit flowers to dress it up. I'm going for a bonnet/1920's toque sort of thing. Felted, so it holds it's shape.

I've got a whole bag of really nice sport-weight cotton yarn in a lavenderish purple color that I would LOVE to knit into a lace pullover for myself (the sort of thing you wear over a tank top in spring and fall), but I seriously doubt I'll get to it.

When I rummaged through The Closet last night to get the yarn to start the second sleeve, I actually FOUND A CUFF already started! Cast on, edge, and maybe an inch of pattern knit, on double-points. The chart was on my magnetic board with the little magnetic ruler already marking the row to work next. Since it's my gauge, my cast-on method, and my handwriting doing notes in the margins on the chart, I assume I did it while I was pregnant. (I couldn't take my pain pills while I was pregnant, and therefore barely functioned. I did many things I don't remember. Fortunately most of those things were either amusing, or harmless, like knitting.)

Anyway, I pulled it out and the hub spotted it and said "Are you finally going to finish that?" and I told him about my plan to spend Friday nights doing Me Knitting and he thought that was a fine idea. I got about an inch knit before the DVD player crapped out in the middle of the Battle of Helm's Deep, and we gave up and shut it off in disgust. But I did get the sleeve onto a short circular, and that should speed things up immensely.

At an inch per Friday night (really, I should be able to knit more, most Fridays), I should be done in October. Hahah.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Me 'n the goals...we don't exactly work well together. I always post some sort of "disclaimer" which implies that anything not done was what I intended in the first place! Good luck!