Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anybody else do this?

So. I'm looking at another round of drugs that kick my ass. (More ranting upon that subject in a moment.) A full series of Valtrex costs $180USD (thankfully my insurance pays most of it, I only have a $9 perscription fee). Now. My first thought was "You know, I could knit one hell of a sweater for $360." Anybody else translate expenses into yarn? I try not to, because it's depressing (the electric bill, every month, would buy me some NICE yarn), but I still find myself thinking two perscriptions = a silk jacket.


Called the doctor, she's on leave, got some other yahoo I've never met, yadda yadda. Bottom line, we're doing another round of the SAME DRUG. I pointed out that it didn't work last time, so why do it again? Oh, but it did work, they claim; the shingles were gone for A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK. Yeah, right. So this drug works about as well as my government. VERY comforting. This is two rounds of shingles, now, and I've yet to actually SEE a doctor. They just call in perscriptions.

The shingles have moved (they always do) and now they're on my hands. When I knit, the yarn makes my hands itch. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, I tell you.

This concludes today's rant. Tune in later and I might have something coeherent, intelligent, and maybe not even profane to say about knitting (I've been working on the scarf in fits of annoyance).


debsnm said...

So, if they haven't actually seen you, are they SURE it's shingles? I know you are, 'cause I'm guessing you've done this before. I only ask because after years of suffering with what I thought was impetigo, I found out (from a friend) that it was actually exzema, and she gave me this AWESOME cream that stops it in it's tracks. When the kidlet gets home, I'll find out what the name of it is - try ANY anti-itch stuff - since you're going to be stoned anyway, how about some benadryl?? That always makes for an interesting day - but you might want to find someone coherent to keep tabs on baby.

debsnm said...

That cream is called betamethasone valerate. It stops the itching, and makes the bad bumps go away.