Thursday, July 20, 2006


That thing I'm supposed to be doing, with the brown and red jacket, and the blue scarf? Yeah. Um. About that.

I finished the color portion of the gauge swatch. (Holy crap. It's in focus. Clearly a sign of the apocalypse. Watch out for meteor showers, plagues of locusts, and grim gentlemen carrying scythes.) I don't like the dark brown in the center and am going to order a different shade, probably next week. And I need to do several more inches of light blue stockinette on the size ones, then go down to zeros and do several inches on THOSE, and then it's done. But the color's done. Finished. Right.

I'm also finishing off the last of my shingles medication today. Turns out if you're kind of caught up on sleep it doesn't knock you totally unconscious when you take it. Who knew?

Finishing... um. Hm. I also finished the last of a Lindt milk chocolate bar today. With hazelnuts.

Who ever said finishing was bad? (I'm going to have to suck it up and block this stuff, though, sometime before Christmas.)

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debsnm said...

You mean projects actually come to an end???? My favorite blocking technique? Washing machine. Easy, fast, and I don't have to watch it work. LOL