Monday, July 24, 2006

Uh, is it Monday?

Yesterday was one of those wake-up-with-a-migraine days. I have found that if you chase the migraine medication (Zomig) with a narcotic (Lortab), you don't notice the side effects of the migraine medication. But it does leave you pretty well useless for the rest of the day. (Don't worry, I asked my pharmacist if I could do it, they said I could.)

I woke myself up, snoring, around four yesterday afternoon. It was that kind of day.

The brown and red jacket is laying on the coffee table in my office, waiting for hems, and every time I go in or out I admire the glory that is the shoulder shaping. It looks darn good, for having no idea what I was doing and making it up as I went. (I tell myself I don't plan projects in detail so that these happy accidents can happen, but really, I'm just lazy.) The lopi softened up immensely with washing, which is fortunate because it was starting to remind me of some plate armor I made for myself out of cardboard when I was a kid. I made the mistake of putting it on last night and now I really, really want one of my own.

Here's the back of the right shoulder, so you can admire along with me:

The purple scarf continues apace. Right now it and the Blue Shimmer swatch are the only things I'm working on. I'm trying to limit myself to two projects at a time, so I have something to shift to when I get bored or frustrated. (Bored, much more often than frustrated.) When THAT's done, this is the next thing in the que:

Yep. It's a gauge swatch for another go at the wrap that I've been trying to knit all year. This time I have a plan, though. And it's just in time for August, which is neutrals month in Project Spectrum. I hope to hell the air conditioning holds up in our house, because this is a wool/alpaca blend intended for a New England winter in Connecticut. (I've also got another damn ball of Doucer et Soie in tan, for another damn scarf, for neutrals month, but I'm not going to think of it. I might cry.)

Other than knitting, there's not much to say. The baby's been playing with a catnip mouse and it's still creeping me out. The cat was caught scent-marking the baby yesterday (you know, when they rub their chins against something), so who knows what exactly is going on. They're probably plotting to take over the house and force me to make catnip cookies. (I suggested making catnip soap and washing the baby with it. The husbeast laughed and laughed and then told me I'm a horrible person.)

Thirty-Second Bunny Theater (link in the sidebar) has up a short of "Office Space", if you're interested. I've never seen the original all the way through, so I can't tell you how good a parody it is. It made no sense, but then they never do. It's a laugh, though.

And that's about it for this happy little Monday.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Yup...can't stop admiring the jacket. Stared til my eyes didn't focus anymore. I generally only use lopi for rug hooking. Now I must knit with it!!!