Thursday, July 27, 2006

New developments in the pharmacy war.

I'll try to keep this short... no need for yet another ranting post.

There was a meeting today of the 'patient advocates' (in the general scheme of things, that's who I'm supposed to talk to about a problem like getting the wrong medication from the pharmacy). Instead I found the head of the "Quality Services" department, who was very kind, took my name and number and two pages of notes on my situation. She assured me she is turning it over to the head of Customer Service. It seems the head of Customer Service is a Lieutenant Colonel and has the rank to 'make this an issue' to quote the lady I talked to. She seemed more angered by the fact that I couldn't get anyone in the pharmacy to answer the phone, and that once I finally did call them, they admitted to knowing of the mistake but no one had cared enough to call me and let me know.

I pointed out that older folks (we have a lot of veterans using this clinic) have trouble reading perscription bottles and this could have become a MASSIVE safety issue. She assured me that she realized that, and the issue would be treated as a safety problem, not general customer service BS.

It sucks to be the pharmacy over there, today.

But the good news!!

I got my bum hand X-rayed (first time in about five, six years) and it turns out all the holes in my bone where the doctor drilled holes have healed over. That means I have less risk of re-breaking my arm in the future. Not to mention, 'people my age' don't normally have their bones heal over like that, which implies my calcium uptake is going well and my bones are solid and doing what they're supposed to. (Instead of melting away in preparation for osteoporosis later in life.) Yay! I'm blaming it on the dairy products.

There is an end in sight on the Blue Shimmer swatch, and right now it looks like I'm getting the same gauge, on plain stockinette and stranded color. Weird. We'll see how it measures after I wash it, but I might just knit the whole thing straight through on ones. Wouldn't that be nice?

Off to knit fuzzy purple things. Bah.

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Catie said...

don't blame it on dairy in general, blame it on the good stuff, like ice cream!