Sunday, July 02, 2006

I just realized.

Woke up this morning, thinking, "Holy crap, I'm knitting TWO SECOND SLEEVES." Not one, but TWO.

No wonder I have an overwhelming urge to start something new - a sock, a wrap, a baby sweater, I don't care. Just something NEW.

Generally I try to have only two projects going at one time. Something hard (the brown-and-red, difficulty due to my hand problems in this case), and something easy (the lace scarf). I alternate between the two, according to boredom, frustration levels, and hand problems.


I've also got 'Innsvinget' going for Friday night Me Knitting (the name, Innsvinget Ganser, means 'fitted jumper' in Norwegian, so I'm basically calling this thing 'fitted' - nothing like sounding illiterate in Norwegian.) Then there's the swirl afghan square jacket getting done one square at a time, and the tomten jacket slowly rotting in my vacation knitting bag.

Oh, yes. I need a new project. Like a hole in the head.

I have decided my best chance of surviving this is to finish the brown-and-red sweater as quickly as possible. I'm pounding away at the sleeve. It's about 2/5 done.

Two second sleeves. What did I ever do to deserve this?


Sheepish Annie said...

You know...until I started blogging I always felt guilty about the UFOs circling my home. Good to know I am not alone. Of course, yours look better unfinished than mine do completed!

debsnm said...

I've decided that I'm going to blame all the UFO's at my house on ADD - can't focus long enogh to not get bored with one project, must have 10 or 20 going at once! OK, maybe I only have 8 or 9 - but I'm not stopping to count! Still working on last Christmas' gifts - and it's time to start next year's!!!!!! Oh, well!!!

TrishJ said...

I think you should be glad people only have two arms...If we had three, imagine the knitting woes then!