Sunday, July 30, 2006

Really finishing.

I got in a mood today and tore into the ten million half-finished projects sitting around here. Those damned Doucer et Soie scarves? The ones I was going to pin out and spray carefully with water?

Hell with it. Into the drink they went. I stretched them out on the bed after, and they're looking pretty good. I will probably post patterns for both of them tomorrow, after they've dried and I can get fairly accurate 'finished' photos. Here's some detail on the purple, kind of in focus. I like how it looks. (Now that I can try to forget the obnoxiousness of those k3tog columns.)

The Blue Shimmer swatch has been finished and is soaking in a sink full of water and Eucalan at the moment, soon to be rescued. (It's knit with coned yarn and I wanna be sure to get all that machine oil and gunk out of it.)

I wasted no time last night after finishing the purple scarf, and cast on the neutrals wrap for my friend. I was about halfway through row eight when it hit me: You know what a wrap is?

It's a big fuckin' scarf.

Once I fish the Shimmer swatch out of the drink, I hope to stay motivated and get to work on the hems of the brown and red jacket. It'd be nice to finish out the month with a bunch of stuff DONE.

In the mean time, genetics has raised it's ugly head (again) and the baby is teething on, yes, a Susan Bates knitting needle sizer. Isn't that cuuuute?


TrishJ said...

Dude, what size is her tongue???
I'd like to be a fly on the wall for THAT E.R. visit...

I LOVE the scarf. Hugs on the huge neutral scarf a.k.a. wrap

Sheepish Annie said...

The scarf is stunning, the baby is cunning, things are finding their way off the needles and into the FO pile...does it get any better? (even if a wrap is really just a scarf...)