Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Samurai Knitter thing.

I suppose I should offer an explanation on the title. I've been meaning to do it for a while now, and since I'm stuck in the middle of ten million projects with nothing exciting to say about any of them, it's a fine time.

I was living in Hawaii when terrorism became an issue in the US. (It bloody well should have been an issue sooner, but this isn't a political blog so I will spare you the fifty-thousand word rant on THAT subject.) At the time, there were problems with my family in Ohio, and I was flying back and forth a lot - one year I logged enough miles to go around the world twice. So, when the US government came out with their 'no knitting needles on airplanes' rule, it directly affected me. I really HAD been knitting on airplanes up until that time, it wasn't just some 'gee if I ever fly...' sort of issue.

This led to weeks (okay, probably months, maybe, possibly, a year) of ranting on how hard it is to kill someone with knitting needles unless they're going to hold still while you screw it into their ear (my final conclusion was, I'd use a long, one-piece nylon circular and garotte someone, if I had to kill them with a knitting needle). Obviously it'd be easier to kill someone with your bare hands, and they weren't confiscating THOSE at security, now, were they?

After a while, the group of friends who were stuck listening to me started calling me 'the Samurai Knitter' and making jokes about not messing with me and pointy sticks. (To this day, I don't know why it wasn't Ninja Knitter, maybe too tongue-twisterish.)

Skip ahead five-ish years, and I'm making a blog. When it came time for a title, I didn't even think about it. Oh, right. Samurai Knitter, that's who I am.

And here we are. Anybody seen my nylon circulars?

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