Saturday, July 08, 2006

EZ saves my ass.

As she has done for every knitter, I suspect, at least once. (We should be setting up shrines to her, or something.)

To fix the jacket, I am using the 'saddle shoulder' decrease method from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Without Tears" (and if you haven't read that, get your butt out and buy a copy, because it may be the best basic knitting book, ever). This means I can keep the knitting I've got, up to the arm pits, and essentially decrease a little differently for the shoulders. If you've seen the diagrams, I'm following vertical lines in the color pattern as I decrease so that it doesn't look butt-ugly like the raglan decreasing did.

Lots of butts in today's post. Hmmm. Probably one dirty diaper too many.

The husbeast came home as I was winding up the last of the unraveled yarn yesterday, and he's lived with a knitter long enough that he made horrified noises and stayed out of my way for a couple hours. Photos of the revised jacket will be forthcoming when there's enough of it knit that you can tell what's going on. Me Knitting was cancelled last night in favor of trying to get the jacket straightened out, so I guess I'll do Me Knitting tonight instead (for those of you new to the blog, Me Knitting is when I take a break from all these Christmas presents and work on finishing a sweater for myself).

In other news, the baby is not levitating. I REPEAT. THE BABY HAS NOT BEEN LEVITATING. See, she won't crawl, and yet she seems to pop around the room like she's altering the laws of physics to suit herself. I'd go into the kitchen for a glass of water, come back, and she'd be ten feet across the living room, pointed the other direction. Duck into the restroom, come out, and she's crossed fifteen feet of floor and made a raid on the magazine rack. We were wondering how she was doing it, but yesterday I caught her in mid-scoot. She plants both hands on the floor in front of her, and pushes herself backward, at a speed approaching Mach One. Not only did I catch her in action, I caught her in action WITH A CAMERA:

...I was kind of hoping she WAS levitating. Ah well.

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Sheepish Annie said...

I've seen alot of movies...levitating babies are NOT a good thing. It is either a sign of the apocolypse or a low box office returns. Either way, its not what you want. Need to head out now and find the Zimmerman book...TTFN!