Saturday, July 29, 2006

You post something on the internet...

...And EVERYONE reads it.

I know, I know. This seems pretty damned obvious in retrospect, but my brain is swimming, all the same. Having readers as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Europe is mind boggling, but I half expected that and it's cool (hi, guys!)

It's the corporate organization stuff that's starting to freak me out.

I assume the hits from the Federal Government are knitters who are bored at work. (I was not aware until now that there WAS a Marshal at Arms for the US Senate, but I can see how that would be useful -- does the yarn snag on the holster of your sidearm when you knit?) Hits from the Canadian government, it's GOTTA be a bored knitter in the Great White North -- what on earth would the Canadian government want with me? I don't even drink Screech. So, I try not to hyperventilate when I get hits from courthouses ALL OVER THE COUNTRY (do baliffs knit? Is it part of being a baliff? Call order, arrest criminals, protect the judge, knit socks?) but yesterday. Yesterday finally did it.

I got hits from Starz (the people producing Thirty Second Bunny Theater, which I mention occasionally), and, get this, from THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. IN LONDON.

Near as I can figure, they're searching blogs to see what people say about them. Makes sense in a kind of quality-control, feedback sort of thing. Not to mention I said nice things about both, so I don't have to sit here wondering what posessed me to be rude on the internet where everyone can see it. (We won't discuss that one review of Vogue Knitting.)

Either that or people are Starz and the V&A are bored at work. Can't rule that out.

So, with this in mind, I got bored and ran a google search for 'knitting gauge swatch'. My humble little blog POPPED UP AHEAD OF MARTHA STEWART'S!!! I have topped Martha Stewart. This is... this is... I dunno what this is. Trippy. Weird. Cool. Amusing. I want to make up a song. (Something that goes "Google likes me more than Martha Stewart, neener neener neener.")

Anyway. Thank you, loyal readers, for making all this possible. I'm gonna go lay down. My ego can't take this. Hahaha.

PS. Found a really great series of blog entries on steeking over at "See Eunny Knit!" Here's the link, and I'm going to post it in the side bar under knitting links, too. Just in case someone gets the urge to cut up their knitting.


Anonymous said...

Great post. LOVED your review of Vogue magazine - too hilarious.

Samantha said...
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