Friday, July 28, 2006

An end!

I'm not there yet, but it's in sight:

See how you can SEE through the yarn skein?? That means there's NOT MUCH YARN LEFT. (I know I'm stating the vastly obvious, here. Cut me some slack. I'm happy.) Three or four more pattern repeats, I'm thinking. Then I'm donedonedone. I might manage that today. Wouldn't that be exciting?

As it is, the scarf has lengthened quite a lot, and yes, I finally did notice some growth of the whole thing:

If any of you have wondered what in heck that background is (since it appears here regularly), I'll tell you: It's my couch. I tend to just fling stuff down where I've been sitting and snap photos of it. Now you know the awful truth. And the white backgrounds I use? Cloth diapers. (Clean, I promise.) It's what's handy. I've been thinking of getting some colored paper to use for smaller projects, but so far... it's couches and diapers. A sad commentary on the contents of my house. The Yarn Harlot drapes her work over flowers. I put mine on diapers.

In other news, the cat has suddenly discovered that the stuff on the tray of the baby's high chair is FOOD!

This was the last day the baby got to eat lunch on the floor. Since then she's been on the table, away from the snacking cat. (Ever seen a cat eat puffed rice cereal? It's pretty hilarious.)

Back to the purple scarf. I've got my second wind now that there's an end in sight.

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Sheepish Annie said...

I know it doesn't seem like it to you, but the scarf actually went pretty fast by my standards. I hear ya on the photos. My problem is that the house is such a train wreck that finding a "clear" spot which doesn't show blogdom my lack of housekeeping skills takes longer than actually knitting any given item.