Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Photo session.

I went a little crazy with the camera yesterday and today, so now you're all stuck looking at the photos.

First, I bring you the very cool technique known as the Spit Splice:

Start with two balls of Lopi (only works with Icelandic singles, far as I know) that you want to join, and slightly fray the ends that you want to join together.

Wrap the frayed ends around each other as evenly as possible, lick the palms of your hands (okay, ick, but it works) and rub the ends between your hands, back and forth. You wind up with a whole strand of yarn:

I swear that's a photo of the join and not a fresh piece of yarn. Wipe your hands on your jeans, and keep knitting.

Very cool.

Sekhmet the cat is angry about being grounded from the internet and is equally irritated about how there is never room on my lap to lay since I started knitting this jacket.

In revenge, she has decided to MAKE space for herself, and possibly do some yarn chewing for her own entertainment, since she can't get to any of her catnip porn web sites.

I have finished the jog-toward-the-neckline portion of this saddle shoulder:

So far it's looking good, better than the raglan decreasing would have, but I'm starting to worry about final fit. The good news is, this is for my father-in-law and he and the husbeast are much the same size, so I can just fit it to the hub and not worry. Unfortunately, I've only done this shoulder decreasing once before and it turned out weird. So the jury's still out.

Anyway, now I've got to work the shoulder strap, which I have shortened to almost a square shape, by lengthening the jog-toward-the-neck portion of the decreasing. If that made sense.

I'm now going to research exactly how to do shoulder straps, because like I said, I've only done this once before and it was not the most glowingly perfect thing I've ever knit when it was done (it looked like ass). Here's hoping I don't have to rip out and re-knit THAT, too. You know, I just wanted to knit a simple lopi jacket for a Christmas present, and it's somehow morphed into complete technique insanity. How does this always happen?

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