Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hand cramp, ahoy!

Due to crazed swatch knitting the last two days, I've had to take a day off. I hit the wall last night at about ten PM while watching Eureka (series premiere. Hilarious. Catch the show if you like funny sci-fi - someone did a bit of homework), and had to watch the last hour of the show without knitting. Me sitting in front of the TV and not knitting is somewhat unheard of. The husbeast asked if I was okay. I said no. He shook his head and sighed. Between hand problems and obsessive knitting and general pig-headedness (I insist on doing things I shouldn't), we've discussed just getting me a tee shirt that says 'my hand hurts' and saving me the time of saying it.


I've decided that maybe finishing the other projects laying around here would be smart, before digging into another major undertaking like the Blue Shimmer is going to be. (Plus, the rest of the yarn for the Blue Shimmer won't be here until the end of next week at the earliest, so the crazed swatching is just that - me being crazy.) So, that's on my plate for now: blocking, arm pit grafting, sewing in hems, putting on buttons. All that really exciting crap. There's an inch of purple lace scarf started, and two more of the freaking things to go, after that. Plus the blue one to be blocked. I hate scarves. And the fricking tomten jacket still lurks in the knitting bag in The Closet.

Deb asked (in the comments) when the State Fair is, that I want to enter the Blue Shimmer in. It's not until October, but I get really nutty (okay, nuttier) when I'm up against deadlines and have found it's easier to do things early and not spaz out. I'd like to be working on finishing by mid-September, to keep this whole project as low stress as possible. (Knitting it on size zeros is bad enough, without knowing it has to be done IN A WEEK.) When I was in school (up until I got pregnant with the baby), I was notorious for showing up way early for classes in a culture - Hawaii - where everyone runs ten minutes late.

So. That's the excitement at my house today. Finishing. Thrilling. Can't get enough of the excitement.


debsnm said...

Finishing is usually drudgery, but think of the *thrill* of cutting that last bit of yarn when you've done the last hem (or button band, or whatever) and it's finaly "string free"!!!!!

TrishJ said...

Go scarves, go! Yarn Harlot has her traveling sock...maybe you're destined to have the traveling scarf!

Sheepish Annie said...

I was wondering if I was the lone soul watching Eureka last night. Good to know that there are others knitting happily to the Sci-Fi channel! Well, for a while there anyway... Ice up that hand and try not to overdo.