Friday, July 14, 2006

There comes a time...

...when you have to say "Oh, fuck it," and laugh. Or go insane.

The baby slept all night last night, for the first time in at least a week (she's been having nightmares, we think). She slept all the way until seven AM, which for me these days would have been a gloriously late, slothful morning.

But no. I woke up with a migraine at five AM.

Fuck it.

I suspect it's the Valtrex causing it, because I seemed to have an unusual amount of migraines while I was on it last time. Weird side effect for an anti-viral drug, but it's been affecting my nervous system in other ways (mainly by knocking me unconscious), so who knows. Maybe it's just my massive annoyance at the shingles causing the migraines.

Maybe I'm insane.

At any rate, I've kind of come down from my massive, ranting, snarling fit. Kind of. So let's have some knitting, since it is the purpose of this blog.

Every time I had the urge to put my fist through a wall yesterday, I would sit down and knit a couple rows of the scarf until I calmed down again. Okay, maybe it took ten rows to calm down. (The Air Force base says my medical records are on the Navy base. The Navy base says the Air Force has them. If they are lost, I shall bite someone's eyes out.) Okay, fifty rows to calm down. With a vodka chaser. As you can see, there's only a pattern repeat's worth of yarn/thread left, so I plan to be binding it off by this evening.

Unfortunately, Sekhmet the cat, who has a thing for textures, has pegged the scarf as a nice soft surface. I suspect she wants to try kneading it and rolling around on it, to take a nap. Whenever it's on a flat surface she tries to edge toward it casually, but I'm on to her.

If she kneads this scarf, I'll kill her.

The idea of dipping this thing in water makes me feel faint, so I'll probably pin it out and spray it down with water, to block it. Sometime this weekend, I figure. Anyone ever tried steaming Kid Silk Haze or Doucer et Soie? Once I get some decent photos, I'll post the pattern. (Though 'pattern' is a pretty fancy name for 'do three repeats of feather-and-fan until you run out of yarn'.)

Late last night, in a fit of I-don't-know-what, I picked up ten million thousand hundred stitches around the sides and neck of the red and brown jacket, to knit the collar/button bands as one piece (this is one of those things that looks great when it's done but is kind of crazy to do). I prefer this to knitting each bit separately, and I think this method wears better, but whenever I find myself putting together a three-foot-long circular needle with my Denise set, I have to worry. I picked up along the red edge of the steek with brown, and have knit one ridge of garter stitch.

I'd include a photo here, but I've uploaded it four times and Blogger keeps telling me it's not there.

Fuck it.

I haven't counted how many stitches the edging is. Usually when I do something like this, I count on the last row as I'm binding off; it's something that's only fun to have hard numbers on, after it's done. (I did a kimono sort of thing a few years back, where I did the entire bottom, cardigan fronts, and collar all at once on a circular needle. 860 stitches. If I'd known that while I was knitting it, it would have seemed like 1860 stitches.)

No buttons for the jacket yet, so I can only knit about half the button band (I need to know how big the buttons are, to make the buttonholes). Then I'll have to leave the house, deal with PEOPLE, and go shopping. I hate shopping.

Fuck it.

COMMENT ON THE COMMENTS: Thanks to all for the sympathy and information. If the itching gets worse I'm going to look into the anti-itch cream, for sure. I'm also glad that no one left any complaints about my language... yet. Haha.

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