Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wuh? Huh?

As a person with nerve damage and chronic pain, I've tried out just about every tranquilizer, sedative, downer, you name it, on the market. (Some that weren't on the market, too, if you get my meaning, wink wink.)Including some medications originally developed for epileptics to stop siezures. (It worked on the nerve damage but it wasn't worth the broken toes I got, walking into walls, because I couldn't keep track of where my arms and legs were. Fun stuff.)

I give you this background so that when I tell you my anti-viral medication is kicking my butt, you know it is KICKING. MY. BUTT.

The stuff I'm on, Valtrex, 'may cause drowsiness' according to the web site. HAH. Drowsiness, my ass. Try complete neural shutdown. I take the pill, think that yes, this time I have finally adjusted to the medication, and I'll remain functional, and WHAM. I have to go lay down for at least an hour. I don't even sleep. I just lay there going 'guh...' and staring at the wall, too physically tired to do anything, but my brain's still awake.

The husbeast is greatly entertained by the entire thing. Bastard.

Anyway, finished the body up to the armpits on the brown and red sweater (REALLY need to find a better name for it) and have begun Sleeve One. I'm using a generic Percentage System raglan 'pattern' with a steek up the front to make it a cardigan. Best thing about it is, it forces you to knit the sleeves before you can finish the body, and when you do finish it, you do everything, all at once. No sweater languishing in the closet, waiting for a second sleeve.

Because there just isn't enough going on around here (swatches for article, sweater, sock...) I also began one of the scarves out of Doucer et Soie. It's basically Kidsilk Haze from another company. And I am here to tell you, people knitting whole shawls out of that stuff are out of their minds. It's so fuzzy it's almost like knitting eyelash; I've more than once tried to work hunks of fuzz as stitches. I shudder to think what will happen if I drop a stitch into that mess. Insanity, that's what. Well. Further insanity.

Anyway, just took another one of my pills, and will settle in with some knitting, hoping that THIS time, I will have adjus--


Sheepish Annie said...

Umm...are you going to attempt steeks whilst watching the pretty pain med. induced colors??? This could either be great fun or a suicide in the making. Hang in there!

debsnm said...

I'd almost *have* to be medicated to do steeks. Still can't get my mind around cutting up something that you just spent precious hours knitting. I'm so freaked out about it that I only rememebered that I even knew the term about 10 days ago. Blocked it from my mind. Now I'm completely freaked out. Again.

Nina said...

I really enjoy reading your're hilarious! So, you knit for etsy? confused a bit. Your little goober is so cute... reminds me of my little one and our dog Yaqui (pronounced Jackie)! She's starting kinder this year, my daughter not the dog!
keep on keeping on