Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'd rather have a root canal...

...than clean my house for company (they arrive tomorrow; I haven't touched a thing), put them up over night, then drive to Florida with them and spend a week in Flagler Beach. Then we all drive back here, I put them up over night again, and they go home. With a baby in tow, this is going to be about as much fun as the Normandy Landings, and about as spontaneous. I pointed out to everyone that a REAL vacation would be the husbeast and the baby going and leaving me at home, but that was out of the question. We had to have a FAMILY vacation.

Much more of this family stuff, and I'm gonna start screaming at random intervals and wearing the cat on my head. (She's been sleeping on my head lately, so I've got practice at it. Look out.)


I've got two pattern repeatss and a bit done on the body of the brown-and-red sweater (really need to find a better name for it than that), and it's going on hiatus for this vacation because the person who will be receiving it as a gift at Christmas will be along on the trip. Instead, I want to knit the sleeves of the tomten jacket (remember that?), and I'm going to throw in the sock yarn and some other stuff to swatch. Possibly the stuff I need to knit another swirl afghan square. (I hope to spend a good deal of this vacation out on the porch BY MYSELF, which would mean lots of knitting time.)

Still drugged and babbling. Migraine medication this time. It's been a helluva week around here.

We leave for Florida on Friday morning, so blogging may be sporadic for the next week, though I have hope for text, if not photos; I'll be with Gadget Man (my father-in-law) and Son of Gadget (my husband), and between them, someone's got to have a laptop with internet capabilities. And I will have the camera, to document 'exotic' for everyone. (Florida is about as exotic as my butt. Bah.)

Off to mutter dark thoughts to myself while doing house work.

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