Friday, June 30, 2006

Easily amused.

Some days it's easier to make me happy than others. Today all it took was a chance find in the grocery store.

Chocolate Koalas. My friends and I lived on these in Hawaii (or tried to). They're little cookies with koala bears printed on them, filled with chocolate creme. (Made in China.) We used to run down to Shirokiya (Japanese department store) and load on up; I have never seen them for sale anywhere on the mainland before and they are among the dozens of foods I miss from Hawaii. (Along with deep-fried French toast and POG juice, to name a few.) When I visited here, I used to pack the empty spaces in my suitcases with them, and give them out as gifts to my family in Ohio. (My nephew in particular was always a big fan.) They contain many nutritious things, including palm oil, modified food starch, and high fructose corn syrup. Sanity prevailed and I only bought one box.

I've already eaten it. 320 calories for the small 1.8 oz box.

I am now heading off to do Me Knitting. (It sounds like a good Friday night tradition to establish, since the days of clubbing are long over.) Sci-Fi is playing re-runs, so the husbeast and I are going to watch the end of The Two Towers, part four in our viewing of the director's cut of the Lord of the Rings. Total movie time for all three is something upward of ten hours. It's a good ten hours, but it always makes me wonder about the IQ and personality of Pete Jackson. (And then there's Viggo Mortensen. Can I have him chained to my bed for just one night? One? Please? Which god do I pray to about this?)


Anyway. Sugared up, signing off, and going to knit.


Sheepish Annie said...

If you figure out the diety involved in the Viggo quest please it a community service. I seem to recall seeing POG juice in the stores for a while. Just can't remember where. And I don't think I've seen it recently. I think I'd like chocolate koalas more, though.

Catie said...

Not sure about Viggo or the deep fried french toast but we have the Koala things and POG juice up here in Canada - at least I think I've seen both of them. I've had the Koala chocolate things and they are good.