Sunday, June 04, 2006


The gauge swatch is at the bacon stage. (You know, where it's all long and narrow and crinkled up at the edges.) When I flatten it all out and take a good look, I really like how it's turning out. This is quite a relief, since it's the first time I ever, ever used color theory to choose colors for a project. (I got red yarn a little redder than I intended, thinking the tan it would be next to would make it look browner. Looks like I was right. I am amazed. Jaw-hanging, mind blown, boggling, amazed.) I was going to post a picture, but really it just looks like crumpled up tan and burgundy bacon. Hopefully tomorrow. I wanna get this thing started. (I am going to Florida with my in-laws, one of whom will be getting this sweater for Christmas, and I obviously can't work on it then - I'll do the Tomten Jacket and maybe another afghan jacket square. So. Must knit, now.)

There is a County Fair Knit-Along heating up over at Stitch Marker. I think she's still working out the details, but it inspired me to hit the ol' internet (what did we do before the internet? I don't remember, but it had to suck. Public library? Phone calls to total strangers?) and checked on the South Carolina State Fair. They do have knitting categories, and it's in OCTOBER, so I could possibly have my act together by then. (I'm thinking, enter a Christmas sweater. Two birds, one stone, all that. I am considering, gasp, entering more than one category. They have a baby hat category. I happen to have a baby.) The only drawback I'm seeing is that it's in Columbia, which is a four hour drive away, and I'd have to make the drive TWICE, once for turn-in and again to pick up. (Though I'm wondering if a pre-paid envelope or a $20 bill in the right hand might get it mailed back to me.) Anyway. Food for thought. And motivating!

I just broke up a fur-pulling contest between the baby and the cat. Generally, the cat has no use for anyone but me (she will occasionally tolerate the husbeast, since he feeds her) but she must consider the baby a kitten or something, because this poor cat puts up with more abuse from the baby than I would have ever thought possible.

And I JUST remembered, the Egyptology thing is on Discover tonight. We need to knit some Egyptian sweaters. Hmmmm.

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