Monday, June 05, 2006

No gauge today.

The swatch still isn't done. It's honkin' big (which is cool, it means it will be more accurate) and taking time. I really, really like it. I was thinking today, my previous speed record for a two-color sweater with sleeves was set on a similar sweater (see photo to left). It took me three weeks. For entertainment purposes (I'm hard up for a laugh, I tell ya), I'm going to try to break it. We'll see. (Sweater based on the Ram's Head Cardigan from "Meg Swansen's Knitting", knit in Reynold's Lopi Lite in Navy and three shades of gray.)

I've been picking little bits of straw and plastic out of my yarn (Icelandic Lopi purchased at three cents a yard - this doesn't annoy me like picking straw out of silk I paid TWENTY cents a yard for), and I always wonder how it got there. Was the sheep rolling in some grass one nice sunny day? Did it have a shoving match with another sheep (do they do that?) More likely, did the fleece get dropped on the floor sometime during processing? I always imagine fields full of happy sheep lolling about.

I probably think too much.

Over at Project Spectrum we're being encouraged to post photos of all the blue stuff in our stash... I'm saving it for tomorrow, when I'm supposed to get a box of yarn, including more blue. So tomorrow will probably be Yarn On Parade, including, I hope, the gauge swatch.

Aaaaaaand that's about it for today's excitement.

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