Friday, June 23, 2006

Quick update.

I bought $12 worth of imported chocolate at World Market yesterday while waiting on my perscription. I've been working my way through it (the chocolate, not the drugs)and feel much better now. Oh. And I did get drugs, and they're slowly kicking in. Unfortunately the drug works best if started within two days of the shingles showing up, and I waited five. So it's going to be uphill for another day or so. I'm still pretty itchy, but the suspected shingles on my face (site of the last outbreak) have disappeared, so life is definitely improving.

The husbeast, who normally would have said something snide about twelve dollars' worth of chocolate, said "Okay." Smart man.

I'm back to working on the brown and red Christmas sweater, and an assortment of swatches I need for my next Knitty article. (It's about swatches. Go figure.)

1 comment:

Sheepish Annie said...

Only $12.00 worth??? I admire your restraint. I get a hangnail and it runs me about twenty bucks in the candy aisle.