Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Still in Florida.

Without much access to the internet. I'm getting a good bit of knitting done, since I'm not constatly checking e-mail and stuff. Yes. I get the irony, thank you. No need to point it out.

I got a copy of the current Knitter's magazine to read on the drive down, and am amazed to find more than one project I want to knit. Not that I have time to in the current knitting lineup, but at least there's wearable stuff there. Amazing. Though I do have one question. Whywhywhywhywhywhy in HELL would someone knit a summer sweater out of alpaca/silk blend? It's like heat stroke in a ball. (I know, I know; the yarn company paid for it. It's still insanely stupid.)

When I threw the tomten jacket in the knitting bag and gave up on it, I started another swirl afghan square. It's almost done. Then I'm gonna start on a pair of SOCKS. (I'm using the 'pom pom' socks pattern from the archives over at Mag Knits. Basically, it's a toe-up sport sock.)

Pictures and more detailed commentary soon. I'm due home tomorrow night. Hopefully the cat will let us in the door.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Bitten by sneaky, mean-spirited bugs, tossing the knitting in the bag, afraid the cat will bar you from your home...are you sure we aren't living some sort of parallel existence??? This is all sounding familiar to me. :)